3001 L with headpad

Basic Data

Lightweight, three position (over-the-head, behind-the-head, under- the-chin) ear muff for occasional use. The headband is very strong and is hardly ever destroyable.
Meeting the fact that very affordable products mostly are not treated very well, the 3001 STAR comes with ELASTEX 3500 ear cushions.
These cushions take it easy: they can stand sweat even in the long run (no shrinking), agressive cleaning liquids and tool attacks far better than any PVC foil product (All ear muffs we know use PVC foil as cover material for the foam inlet). The surface seems to be rougher but slows down the sweat production in the heat measurably.
Even this basic hearing protector is equipped with features, which ENHAnce the comfort and the durability.

Tech Data

3001 STAR

  • Allround hearing protector for occasional use
  • SNR 23 dB *
  • 190 g **
  • 11,7 N ***
  • Headband: Plastic

3001L STAR

  • Allround hearing protector for occasional use
  • SNR 23 dB *
  • 200 g **
  • 11,7 N ***
  • Headband: Plastic with head cushion


Single Number Rating represents the performance of a hearing protector by reducing it to one representative numer


Weight of the hearing protector


Lateral pressure is the pressure exercised by the ear cushions on the user's head measured in Newtons (N)